The Complete ConnectLeads Review and Mega Bonuses

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Basic ConnectLeads Details:

Creator : Wilco de Kreij

Price : $27/Month, but there is a yearly & lifetime price available too!Wilco de Kreij

Launch Date : December 4, 2015, 10:00 AM EST

Carts Close Date : December 9, 2015, 11:59 PM EST

Website :

Owner : ConnectLeads has been created by Wilco de Kreij. Wilco owns Emarky. Wilco is an entrepreneur from the Netherlands, who mostly focuses on online businesses. Continue reading The Complete ConnectLeads Review and Mega Bonuses

About Facebook Lead Ads

When hearing about Facebook lead ads, most modern day marketers who aren’t acquainted with the system tend to say that there are already plenty of different kinds of ads one can use, so that bringing an additional set that business owners need to learn about might not have been a very good choice. Continue reading About Facebook Lead Ads

What Is Facebook Lead Ads

So what is Facebook lead ads all about, and how can it help you secure a better business? Although Facebook advertising has long been a great way to find leads using various techniques, the new lead ads are taking over to provide an even better and simpler way for marketers and their potential customers to connect.

Getting acquainted with this new feature can really help you get your SMM campaigns to take off, while also leveraging a type of lead generation solution you might not even have thought of yet: mobile marketing. Continue reading What Is Facebook Lead Ads

Why Use Lead Ads?

One of the more pressing questions in today’s online and mobile advertising world is “why use lead ads to help increase the number of your prospects?” Lead ads like Twitter’s lead cards and, more recently, Facebook’s groundbreaking new ads, have practically revolutionized the way businesses look at social media advertising. Continue reading Why Use Lead Ads?

Using Facebook to Collect Leads

Using Facebook to collect leads has become a growing trend among marketers that are looking for alternative ways to grow their traffic, online reputation and sales. The various methods available have proven to be quite effective in helping businesses improve their results even over shorter periods of time.

So let’s take a look at some of the best and easiest ways to collect leads using Facebook’s many handy tools and advantages. Continue reading Using Facebook to Collect Leads